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The Committee


Not everyone is aware, but the preschool is a charity organisation, run by the Preschool Committee. Our Committee is made up of parents from the preschool, who give up their time, to help run and raise essential funds for the preschool. The funds we receive from paid sessions or funded sessions, often only cover staffing costs and rent. On top of this we have to find monies for bills, snacks, equipment, toys, events and much much more. Without the essential fund raising monies that the Committee organise each year, we could never keep the preschool running.

A committee is legally required in order to run a preschool. If we didn’t have a committee we wouldn’t be able to keep the preschool open. Every year, we have parents leave the committee when their little ones move onto primary school, and therefore each year we look for a new committee to run the school. Some parents stay on for a couple of years, but generally each year we have a high turnover.

You don’t have to be a committee member to help us though, you can also do this volunteering your time when we post requests looking for volunteers at fund raising events, donating items required for such events, and much, much more.





Chairperson: Rachel Green
Vice Chairperson: Zahra Fazel 
Secretary: Pamela Paton
Treasurer: Rosie Roberts

General Committee members: Mike Reynolds, Kirsty Holmes and Akil Ibrahim.

If you have any questions, or would like to join to the committee or just offer your occasional help or skills, please contact us at

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