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Terms and Conditions

All parents must observe our basic terms and conditions. Old Stratford preschool is committed to providing a happy and stimulating environment, which is delivered cost effectively as part of developing children in the local community. Parents are therefore expected to give their support and encouragement to the aims of the Preschool and to also comply with the following:

Children cannot be allocated a place at the Preschool without completing a Registration Pack and returning it to the Preschool address. An initial registration fee of £20.00 is payable which is not refundable. The child will be allocated a place subject to availability with the earliest date offered as appropriate to the age of the child. If there is no immediate availability the name of the child will be held on a waiting list until a suitable place can be offered. Parents interested in securing a place are advised to send the registration forms with a cheque for £20.00 to the Preschool as soon as possible or payments can be made online via Bank Transfer. Upon receipt a confirmation letter will then be sent with the earliest starting date as practical or the name held on a waiting list if there is no place available.

Cancellation of Place Offered
Once a place is allocated and confirmed by letter as stated above, to cancel the arrangement, the parent must write to the Manager of the Preschool as soon as possible but the registration fee will not be refunded.

Settling In
Most children will settle in with us very quickly however, if a child is having difficulty in settling in, it may be necessary to increase their sessions rather than reduce them. It is for that reason that we would ask a child to attend at least 2 sessions a week on separate days.


Payment of Fees
Parents and/or guardians are jointly responsible for the payment of fees on time. All fees are to be paid within 14 days upon the issuance of fee invoices (usually within the first week of each half term). The calculation of fees is based on the relevant session rate multiplied by the number sessions attended each week and the number of weeks in the half term. Any lunch club & breakfast club fees will also be added to the invoice. All invoices will take into account any training days or public holidays on which the preschool will be closed. Allowing parents to pay half-termly makes the Preschool an attractive, affordable provision offering value for money choice in terms of the learning periods deployed and the sessions offered. Fees however will not be refunded or waived for term time absence through sickness or holidays or any other cause during term time or if the Preschool is forced to close in extreme bad weather conditions or circumstances which are beyond its control and the safety of children is at risk. The fee structures get reviewed every year and the tariff increases are made in line with other costs and where possible kept stable or with minimum increase.

Childcare Vouchers
Childcare vouchers are provided by some employers to help parents offset the cost of childcare against your pre-tax income. Parents are advised that Old Stratford Preschool administer Childcare Voucher Scheme using various providers such as Accor, Busy Bee & Care-4 Vouchers. Parents can find out further information by visiting their respective websites, speaking to your employer or visit which outlines how the scheme operates.

Late Payment of Fees
Old Stratford Preschool operates on a very tight budget to meet all staff costs, rent and other overheads. Parents are therefore kindly requested not to slip up on any payments due. In the event that fees are not paid on time, a fine will be added to the outstanding invoice as per the terms in our fee policy. The Preschool reserves the right to withdraw a child from attending if fees are consistently left unpaid.


Purchase of Uniform
Old Stratford Preschool have T-shirts and sweatshirts which can be purchased directly from Preschool or from Maisies in Wolverton. It is not compulsory for your child to wear either of these items but if you would like to purchase one please speak to a member of staff as we do hold some stock.


If a child is off sick or taking holidays during term time, the Preschool kindly request that parents inform the Manager by ringing the Preschool Number. Please be advised that any term-time absence is chargeable and no refunds will be given.


Nursery Education Funding
Old Stratford Preschool operates the Funding Scheme for 3 and 4 year olds in line with the Early Years at Northamptonshire County Council. Children are currently entitled to funding the term after their 3rd within the dates outlined below:
Birthday between 1st January – 31st March – Funding will be given for Summer term onwards
Birthday between 1st April – 31st August – Funding will be given for Autumn term onwards
Birthday between 1st September – 31st December – Funding will be given for Spring term onwards
Once your child is eligible for funding the Preschool will provide you with the necessary paperwork to fill in & return. PLEASE NOTE: WITHOUT THIS PAPERWOK CORRECTLY FILLED IN AND ANY NECESSARY ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTATION BEING RETURNED ON TIME, YOUR FUNDING WILL BE FORFEITED.
Funding entitles you to up to 15 hours childcare each week. The funding cannot be used for Breakfast Clubs or Lunch Clubs and as such these will be chargeable.

Late Collection
All children MUST be collected on time. On Time means collected by the end of session at the very latest. Any parent collecting later than 11.30am for morning sessions or 12.15pm from lunch club will incur a charge of £5.00 or if later than 3.00pm for all day/afternoon sessions will incur a charge of £10.00 per late collection. There is a specific clock within Preschool which will be used for time-keeping purposes. It should also be noted that Preschool are not insured to have children on the Premises after 3.00pm. In the event that a child is consistently picked up late, Preschool reserve the right to withdrawn that child from attending.

Leaving Notice
A written notice period of 4 weeks is required if you wish to withdraw your child from Preschool for any reason. If your child receives funding and is taking up a place at an alternative nursery within the same funding period you will be unable to transfer their funding for the remaining time in that funding block.

Amendment of Sessions
Old Stratford Preschool tries its best to accommodate all session requests. However the Preschool kindly request that if a parent wishes to amend or add to any existing sessions that they do so in writing or by e-mail to the Manager. All such requests are subject to availability and Old Stratford Preschool will endeavour to accommodate where possible but cannot guarantee any session amendments especially if Preschool is full. Where possible the Preschool ask that parents do not enquire about sessions when dropping off or collecting their children but are advised to check availability by calling the Manager on the Preschool Number between 9.30am – 2.45pm or by e-mail.


Policies & Procedures
Old Stratford Preschool are required to follow the guidelines of the EYFS/OFSTED and parents are requested to observe and comply with all operating policies and procedures at the premises and to cooperate with staff in completions of any Entry Forms, incident log book and any other documentation required pertaining to your child and his/her progress in Preschool. Failure to do so may lead to the Preschool taking necessary steps to withdraw the child if any policy or procedure is not followed.

Please note: For the purpose of these Terms & conditions the term ‘Parent’ refers to all those who are named responsible for the day to day care of the child.

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